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Prayer Clinics
Reviving your church into a House of Prayer and congregation, a People of Prayer

In our recent visits to churches within the conurbation of Birmingham, only 1 in 17 have prayer meetings or gatherings on their church calendar. 100% of the Christians we interacted with agreed that prayer is very important. Over 98% admitted they are weak in prayer and struggle to have the appetite to pray! The Prayer Clinics are a series of workshops intended to give wholesome and empowering coaching in the area of prayer. In Luke 11:1, the disciples realised that Jesus' dedication to prayer, facilitated the fullness of God being demonstrated each moment and every day. Therefore, they asked Jesus to "teach" them how to pray. Many churches preach about prayer, talk about prayer and even issue books on prayer. According to Samuel Jonathan "preaching gives information, coaching gives implementation". Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and John the Baptist did the same for his disciples (as expained in Luke 11:1). Our Prayer Clinics will be ideal for any church that is ready to experience the fullness of God's power and prowess. The Prayer Clinics are conducted across denomination lines, on a church by church basis, in-house i.e. on your premises. To discuss further or arrange the Prayer Clinics for your church, please email us: All inquiries are handled with utmost confidentiality.



Public Speaking Workshop
Equipping the Church with the skills to articulate the Gospel

When the HR department in Saul's palace were shortlisting candidates for helping the king with his mental torment, they keenly observed on his CV that "he speaks well" - 1 Sam. 16:18. In addition to the Lord being with David, his public speaking skills allowed him access into the palace. No wonder he gave the testimony in Psalm 45:1 about his ability to articulate himself. Many Christians are falling short of fulfilling the Great Commission because they lack the public speaking skills to articulate the Gospel. From the breakroom to the boardroom and from the classroom to the castle, Believers come across many opportunities to share their faith. However, many tend to evade such opportunities rather than embrace them! In 2010, Pastor Samuel Jonathan founded the Royal Centre for Public Speaking and has received over 2,800 testimonials from participants from 13 countries. He is now devoting part of his ministry to equipping the Church with skills and techniques necessary for presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our 1-day public speaking workshops are suitable for groups, church personnel and as a community outreach event. Interested churches can email us: For our in-depth courses and programmes such as the Masterclass or 1-on-1 coaching, kindly contact us.

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