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Camp 4:13
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What to Bring

Congratulations on making history! This may surprise you. Less than 1% of the world's business community and corporate world have gone through any form of training or coaching in Public Speaking. So, you are making history and we celebrate you.


The most important item to bring for this iconic empowering journey is a refreshed you! The truth is a tired body or fatigued mind is of no use in a learning environment. Please ensure that the day(s) leading to the commencement of the programme, you do what it takes to avoid stress and not skip your daily "Me Time" i.e. time to yourself. 


Our years of experience has repeatedly proven that attendees of conferences, workshops and seminars tend to misplace handbooks, workbooks and publications issued at such events. However, they forever cherish their favourite diary and/or notebook. Therefore, we implore you to bring that favourite notebook of yours along so you can "ink" those powerful nuggets and learning points. 


This programme does not include any catering. Thus, it will be a good idea to make provision for your refreshments, etc.

Keeping the Peace
In-house Rules

The primary essence of these few guidelines is to ensure that you have an enjoyable learning experience and your colleagues enjoy the same.


1. No phone must be seen or heard in the Training Room. Phones and tablets cannot be placed on the tables or heard ringing or vibrating. This is a guideline that is strictly enforced. 


2. Under no circumstances will tardiness be allowed. In the event you arrive late for the commencement of the programme, you will not be allowed into the Training Room until break time. Time slots for coffee breaks and lunch must be strictly adhered to as lateness is firmly prohibited. 


3. In order to optimise the efficacy of this coaching programme, all assignments must be completed and submitted in a timely fashion.

In the event of an emergency, the phone number to contact us is 07066 311 699.

Work Begins >>
Pre-Course Assignments

Your personality type and personality traits have everything to do with nervousness, anxiety and you perceive your audience. Please click here to take a FREE Personality Type Test. Study the results and attributes of your personality type.


Be prepared to give a 3-minute extemporaneous presentation about yourself. You can choose what aspects about yourself you cover.


Pick two (2) new English words of your choice and learn the following about them:


a) Correct pronunciation

b) Spelling

c) Meaning (with comprehensive explanation)

d) Application (demonstrate how each word can be used in a sentence).

We look forward to seeing you at CAMP 413.

CAMP 4:13

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