A Life-Lesson that gives Life

When interviewed by a TV reporter, a terrified Emma Stevie exclaimed “I have never ever felt that I am going to die!” Emma had just escaped the terror bomb explosion on a London train at Parsons Green Station. As of that day, this was the fifth terror attack on mainland Britain this year! To the Glory of God, nobody lost their life.

Many of us do not give thought to life ending someday until we find ourselves in circumstances that can potentially end our lives. Yet, each morning we wake up, we are one step closer to our grave than the night before! The Bible explains that each person has an appointment with death and thereafter, judgement. You can always reschedule your appointment with the GP or your solicitor. However, this appointment the Bible is talking about is one that cannot be rescheduled. No wonder a prayer said by Moses recorded in Psalm 90:12, says “Lord, teach us how to number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom”.

It’s amazing how people mention the name “Jesus” in the middle of catastrophe or when they sense their lives are in danger, such as an airplane experiencing severe turbulence. Sometimes, “Jesus” is mentioned by folks who do not even believe in Him. And of course, typical of human nature, once the danger is over, we revert to “life as usual”.

Right after those two aeroplanes horrifically slammed into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre on the 11th of September 2001, the U.S. had soaring record-breaking numbers in church attendance. In 1997, the Express & Star Newspaper of Wolverhampton had headlines reading “God Bless You, Diana” when our dear Princess Diana passed away. In modern-day England, it is rare for “God” to be mentioned in the newspaper headlines, especially in a country where our lifestyle and choices increasingly drift away from God. Our sensitivity to the things of God tends to increase when tragedy strikes. It does not have to be so!

The “wisdom” referred to in Psalm 90:12 means having knowledge of the right thing to do and taking prudent steps in applying the knowledge we have acquired especially through experiences. It also means applying sound judgement in making decisions.

Considering our most recent experience with the incident at Parsons Green tube station, are you ready to make the right decision? As of the date of this incident, thirty six people have lost their lives in terror attacks in 2017 and will not have the opportunity of reading this article or making this decision.

As we give due attention and diligence to our car insurance coverage, screen protection for our mobile phones, pension plans and life after retirement, it is more important we prepare for eternity i.e. life after death. Jesus willingly offers you and I life after death. Unlike your insurance coverage or pension plans, He requires no monetary contribution from you. All He requires is you surrendering your life (and lifestyle) to Him and inviting Him into your life.

You may be wondering “Well, there are other options. I already belong to a religion”. Friend, there is no alternative to Jesus! That’s why He remains the most popular man to walk the face of the earth and most popular name mentioned on the lips of mankind. Jesus is the only Way into Heaven.

If you are ready to take that decision, join me in saying this prayer as we invite Jesus into our lives:

"Lord Jesus, I come before You and acknowledge I am a Sinner.

Please forgive me of my sins. I willingly submit my life to You.

From now on, You are my Lord and Saviour.

Empower and enable me to live according to Your Will,

in Jesus' name I pray, Amen".

Congratulations on the wonderful decision you have made. I am sure the Lord Jesus is proud of you and there is great joy in heaven. Additionally, you are now part of the family of Christ.

The next step is to join a local church so you can grow and build on the new foundation that Christ has laid in your life. If you need assistance with finding a church or simply want to discuss how to grow or want to pray, you can send an email to admin@samueljonathan.com

May the Lord bless and keep you.

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