Leave your Life of Sin!

In order to enjoy the fullness of God's goodness and kindness, you must abandon your life of sin! This may be one of the bluntest opening lines you have read and it is necessary. You and I only have one life to live. Therefore, it becomes vital that we get the candid truth that will enable us live a fulfilled life.

The eighth chapter of the Gospel of John narrates an incident in which Jesus demonstrated His immeasurable grace. A woman who was caught in adultery was about to be stoned to death in condemnation of her sin. The men of the city, each wielding their "Stones of Judgement" brought her before Jesus. They wanted to get His opinion and see what He will say. This was important to them because it appeared to them that Jesus was a challenge to the status quo and didn't seem to be a campaigner or fan of the Law. Since birds get entangled by their feet and men get entangled by their words, their ultimate objective was to trap Jesus through His utterance and have a basis for accusing Him (John 8:7).

After Jesus asked anyone who is without sin to be the first to stone the woman, each of them dropped their gavels i.e. "Stones of Judgement" and walked away. Then Jesus asked her, "Woman where are your accusers?". When she replied that they have all gone and no accuser is left, Jesus replied to her in John 8:11 "Then neither do I condemn you". This response from our Lord and Saviour is so important because it helps us understand that He is more interested in our redemption than our condemnation. It set the precedence for Grace and a bedrock for Romans 8:1 "Therefore, now, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus". However, "... neither do I condemn you" is not all that Jesus said to the woman. If we should stop there, we are short-changing the truth and that is equivalent to untruth.

The New International Version of the Holy Bible says "Jesus declared 'Go now and leave your life of sin'". Jesus, full of love, full of mercy and full of grace declared. He did not appeal. He did not advice. He did not soft-preach. He made a declaration "Go now and leave your life of sin". A declaration is a formal statement, instruction or announcement. He made it clear to the woman that now you have received grace, you are to leave your life of sin, not live your life of sin.

Was this the first and only time our Lord and Saviour will instruct a person to quit sinning? In John 5, Grace was in operation. A man described as "invalid" and had been in his misery for 38 years was miraculously healed! In verse 14, Jesus warned him "Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you". Don't misunderstand Grace (#DMUG). You must abandon your life of sin in order to fully enjoy the Grace of God.

What is Sin? A short and simple definition will be Sin is disobedience to God. Another person may define sin as not doing the Will of God. It is also possible to define or describe sin as not being in right standing with God. Does this mean that Christians will never fall short of God's standards? No. Does this mean that Believers will always have it right with God? No. When you closely examine what Jesus said to the woman, He instructed her to leave her life of sin. The expression "life of sin" refers to a lifestyle or way of living which continually and habitually is in contrast to the Will of God. Folks, the Grace of God does not exempt us from godly living. In the same sentence and at the same incident where Jesus manifested grace, He made it clear that the life of sin must be abandoned.

This helps us understand why Apostle Paul asked an important question twice in the same chapter, Romans 6 "Can we live in sin and expect grace to multiply?" He asked this question in verse 1 and verse 15 of Romans 6. His answer was a firm "God forbid"! Out of the estimated 780,000 words in the Holy Bible, these are the two places I first found the expression "God forbid". Apostle Paul's answer was firm, unflinching and without compromise ... exactly the way the Gospel must be taught and preached.

Please don't be misled by teachings that portray it is alright to continue life as usual because there is Grace. Regardless of how fanciful or enticing such doctrines may be, the Bible encourages us not to depart from that which is written. Fully devote yourself to God. Embrace the lifestyle, activities and habits that are pleasing to God. Evade those things that God detests and you will fully enjoy the fullness of His goodness and kindness.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

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