The Essence of Obedience

Does God still speak? Oh yes He does. Many a time, people will ask me, "Pastor, how do I go about starting to hear when God speaks?". Occassionally, I will respond by asking "... how well have you obeyed what He has written?" You will never obey what He has spoken if you have not complied with what He has written!

In this edition, our focus is not on recognizing God's voice (click here to get your copy of "Recognizing the Voice of God"). Our focus is Obedience.

In John 2:5, Jesus' mother told the servants "Do whatever He tells you to do". In this scripture, the wedding reception was in full swing. The guests were from every strata of the society's elite. The orchestra was phenomenal and the DJ got the attendees on their feet with the greatest hits of the time. Suddenly, there was no more wine! That was a significant and cultural "No-no" in those days. It was like a taboo to run out of wine at a wedding.

There were six large stone jars nearby and Jesus in verse 7 of John 2, Jesus instructed the servants "Fill the jars with water". According to the next sentence, the servants filled the stone jars to the brim. Of course, we all know the story. The water miraculaously became wine and it was so tasty that it won the delight of the chairperson of the wedding reception and all the guests. In other words, the glory of the latter wine was greater than the former.

This story is common, popular and well known. Sadly, the lessons learnt are not as commonly practised!

Your abundance is connected to your obedience! Can you imagine what would have happened if the servants chose to be obstinate and not obedient? The disgrace, disappointment and embarrassment for the newly wedded couple would have been unbearable. The guests would have gone home in disbelief, news would have spread around the town and the stigma would have stuck with the couple probably for the first ten years of their marriage. Disobedience can be costly!

"When God speaks, it is better to dance in tune than face the music"

- Samuel Jonathan

Many disappointments we face can be traced to disobedience. We may initially be in denial. However, when we place ourselves under the "Microscope of Life" and the scrutiny of Truth (Thy Word is Truth - John 17:17), we realise that we disobeyed God. In these present times where many prefer the autonomy of being their own judge of what is right or wrong and many Christians being selective of which parts of the Bible apply to them, disobedience is certainly in abundance. Praise God - He gives us the right to make our choices but He does not give us the right to choose the consequence.

"For every choice, there is a cost.

For every practise, there is a price.

For every habit, there is a harvest"

- Samuel Jonathan

A quote I authored in 2014 says "Great treasures are never found in shallow waters". Therefore, our next edition will go deeper into the subject of Obedience. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit continually strengthen you and I to fully obey Him.

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