The Cleansing Power

The two gentlemen in this video represent Birmingham's finest. Their role is to ensure the pavement at the Bullring (one of England's largest malls) is very clean and well maintained. It is certainly not an assignment for the faint-hearted!

In order to accomplish the aforementioned task, they are using industrial grade high-impact jet-speed power washers. The average force jetting out of each nozzle is up to 5,000psi! With such magnitude of power, one would expect they can complete the cleaning of the pavement in just one go. Not so! In order to achieve the desired result, they have to proceed slowly and systematically, inch by inch, and meticulously laser beam on the mortar between the blocks. It's not fun. In fact, unless you are fascinated by tasks that require attention to detail, you might find being a spectator being more boring. However, in order to clean up the "mess" and maintain the integrity of the pavement, someone has to do it.

In order to clean up the "mess" of sin, Jesus had to do it. To restore and maintain the integrity of the relationship between mankind and God, our Lord Jesus was crucified on the Cross. However, in comparison to what our two friends in the video clip had to do, it took just one drop of Blood to get the job done! Truly, there is POWER in the Blood of Jesus.

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