99.8% of people we surveyed could not articulate their Purpose. When asked "What is your Purpose in life?", many were quick to tell their position or what they do. A significant proportion (especially Christians) would respond by saying "... to worship God". In 2017, Harvard Medical School was ranked as the No. 1 Medical School for Research in North America by the US News & World Report. According to a report by Harvard Medical School, people who have a defined purpose are the ones who stick with healthy living; and of course, leads to living longer and living well. The truth is it is nearly impossible to live a fulfilled life without discovering your Purpose. A person who is yet to discover their Purpose can be likened to a passenger on a bus of which destination they do not know! "The Big WHY?" gives life-coaching and biblical guidance to discovering your Purpose and understanding why you were created. It also includes an eye-opening exercise comprising of questions you have never been asked (or thought of) before. It is a priceless resource for those who fully understand that their destiny is worth fulfilling.

The Big WHY?

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