"The righteous are as bold as lions" and "God has not given us the spirit of fear" are just two of some of the popular scriptures many Christians know by heart. Yet, day in and day out, many Believers tremble, mumble and fumble at job interviews or while giving presentations at work. Some would even "sit" on their testimony rather than share it (at church) for fear of having to face the congregation! In this unrivalled resource, Samuel Jonathan shares empowering biblical insight that will help you overcome stage-fright and commence the journey towards establishing an enviable speaking legacy. According to Pastor Samuel, "Without an invitation, there can be no intervention". It is amazing what the Bible says about public speaking and what God can do when He is involved! At appropriate intervals during this audio coaching programme, Pastor Samuel leads you in simple but powerful prayer points (with comprehensive biblical illustrations). During his stellar career as the President & Lead Facilitator of the Royal Centre for Public Speaking, Pastor Samuel Jonathan received over 2,800 testimonies from professionals, senior managers and leaders from 13 countries. He has repeatedly witnessed first-hand how the Power of God (coupled with coaching) can transform how a person speaks or articulates themselves in front of an audience. In this life-enriching career-enhancing coaching resource, Samuel shares a couple of phenomenal only-God-can-do testimonies! What God has done for others, He can do for you. Get your copy today and let the journey begin.

The Anointing to Speak and Grace of Eloquence

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