"Speaking and Beyond" is the first public speaking course (in the world) to be accompanied by a Lifetime Guarantee! It is a 6-week wholesome and in-depth learning experience that superbly equips one for excellence in Public Speaking. Designed, authored and conducted by one of Africa's leading Public Speaking Coaches,  Samuel Jonathan, Speaking and Beyond gives practical hands-on coaching each step of the way. The illustrations, role-play, speech workouts and presentation trials perfectly simulate real-life experiences of giving presentations and engaging one's audience. Now available as an audio-coaching programme, Speaking and Beyond consists of five (5) enriching modules*, namely:


  • Perfecting the Art of Public Speaking 
  • Communicating Effectively (3V's of Communication)
  • How to attain Presentation Mastery 
  • Personal Image & Branding for Public Speakers 
  • Professional Speaking Development 


*This coaching programme includes an interactive Workbook which readily downloads once payment is made. Your Welcome Pack (which includes guidelines and assignments) will be emailed to you right after your purchase (please remember to check the spam folder if not found in your Inbox).


In addition to receiving over 76 professional awards and over 3,000 testimonials from 13 countries, Samuel Jonathan is the Founder and President of the Royal Centre for Public Speaking. He designed this programme with the objective of enabling you to establish an enviable Speaking Legacy!

Speaking and Beyond

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