From day to day and moment to moment, God speaks to us. The same way you have a longing to speak with your loved one, our Heavenly Father has the same desire. Remember, you and I were made in His image and likeness. In fact, before He created us, He called for a "conference" to discuss the creation of mankind. The truth is God desires communion with you and according to Samuel Jonathan, communion without communication is impossible! "Recognising the Voice of God" shares biblical illustrations, real life experiences and enriching practical insight on how to discern when God is speaking. It also gives simple tips on distinguishing between the echo of your emotions versus the voice of God. In these last days, surrounded by so much uncertainty and often finding ourselves at the crossroads of decision in personal and business life, it is pivotal we discern the leading of God with clarity, by recognising His voice.

Recognising the Voice of God

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