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Birmingham Prayer Clinic - every Tuesday

Our interactive and engaging Prayer Clinics in Birmingham. take place every Tuesday! Will you like to attend?

Want to host Prayer Clinic?

Bearing in mind that there are thousands of people in different locations across the country and around the world, who are in great need of strengthening their prayer lives, we will like to hear from individuals or groups who will like to host the Prayer Clinic. If you are interested, kindly contact us.

For your church?

In Luke 19:46, Jesus emphasised "My house shall be called a 'House of Prayer'". If your church is trusting God for a fresh outpouring of the Anointing to Pray and Grace for Intercession, we do have a bespoke version of our Prayer Clinic for churches.

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The leading reason why many of us struggle with prayer is because prayer gives birth to victory and victory never comes easy. Even our Lord Jesus Christ had to pray frequently and consistently in order to fully accomplish the manifestation of God's plan. Simply put, nobody can experience, encounter and engage the fullness of God without prayer!





In Luke 11 verse 1, one of the Disciples made an eager plea (on behalf of his colleagues) forJesus to teach them how to pray. After a long period of keenly observing Jesus, the Disciples learned that prayer was an integral component of Jesus' life. They also realised that you cannot give what you do not have! Hence, their request to be taught how to pray.


The Prayer Clinic has an enriched biblical and practical curriculum intended to offer hands-on group coaching on how to pray and experience the efficacy of prayer. Each session is interactive, engaging and allows the opportunity to ask questions. Unlike many prayer-themed gatherings, this is not a forum for mere discussion. This is a dynamic and empowering forum. Therefore, as we study the Bible on prayer, we share proven helpful tips and fully engage in the practical dimension of prayer. As 1 Corinthians 4:20 emphasises, the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. When you attend our Prayer Clinic, your appetite for prayer is ignited and your longing for God is replenished.

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