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UK Prayer

After receiving the commission from the Holy Spirit to relocate and prepare for missions in the United Kingdom, the LORD burdened Pastor Samuel Jonathan and his wife Pastor Lynda, to fervently pray for the UK. One morning, after the family had enjoyed communion with God, Pastor Samuel received a visitation from the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God prompted him to pick up his pen and begin to write. It was like a secretary taking diction from one’s boss. After the writing concluded, the Holy Spirit said “You shall call it ‘UK Prayer’. For as long as the people call upon Me with this prayer, no terror strike will take the life on anyone on British soil." Upon his arrival in Birmingham, Pastor Samuel recorded “UK Prayer” as a poetic prayer single. Within 72 hours of its release, it made it to No.1 on ReverbNation’s local charts for Birmingham (Christian Music). Sadly, many churches, ministries and large associations of churches did not embrace the UK Prayer because Pastor Jonathan was not well known (Psalm 76:1). To the Glory of God (and God alone), in accordance with the Word of the LORD, from the release of this prayer singe in July 2017, there were no terror-related deaths on UK soil. In October 2019, the LORD instructed His Servant Samuel to return home to Nigeria. The following month, a terrorist attack in Central London took place and people died.

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