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No more deaths!

One sunny afternoon in May 2020, as a church family, we decided to take a walk down the full stretch of the main road we are located on i.e. Ibagwa Road. Our intention was to exercise ourselves. Little did we know that God was positioning us to exercise our faith. On our return leg, as we were less than 80 meters away from church, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, our Pastor, Samuel Jonathan, instructed us all to stretch forth our right hands towards Lion Heart Hospital and decree "In the Name of Jesus, there shall be no deaths on your premises this week". We did as instructed with faith and continued our return to the church. Night after night, Lion Heart Hospital had become infamous for the sounds of weeping (especially very late at night) from the mourning the passing away of loved ones at the hospital. For months, it was a daily occurrence. Three weeks later, the Spirit of the LORD revisited Pastor Jonathan and prompted him to go back to the hospital and find out what had occurred since the declaration instructed by God. To the Glory of God, Pastor Samuel was told by the designated Nurse on duty that there has been no loss of life in the past 3 weeks! For up to 4 months thereafter, no weeping or wailing was heard from Lion Heart Hospital. Glory be to The Lamb of God.

Lion Heart Hospital Nsukka.png

Lion Heart Hospital, Nsukka

The Sovereign LORD has given us an instructed tongue!.png
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