Mentoring with Samuel Jonathan

Two words best describe Samuel Jonathan; trust and truth. These attributes have been a priceless asset in his personal and professional journey. Trust and truth add up to transparency and this is why many individuals and leaders in the corporate world and business community comfortably approach Samuel and share their burdens with him.

From being the recipient of 76 professional Sales awards to receiving over 2,800 testimonials from his coaching practice, Samuel has enjoyed a stellar career. Some of the world's largest brands (and personnel from those establishments) have benefitted from his signature approach to coaching. A short list of such brands include the United Nations, KPMG, Barclays, ROCHE, British Council, EY (Ernst & Young), Johns Hopkins University, Century 21, Bayer, British International School and many more.

Samuel's hands-on corporate experience coupled with his calling as a Pastor, along with his authentic care for others, has been a blessing to many. He shares biblical truth with precise relevance and stands with you in prayer. More importantly, he focuses on assisting you to grow and develop your relationship with Christ so that you can enjoy the best of God and live a victorious life. Whenever applicable, he shares practical insight and gives guidance for challenges that have to do with the workplace, enterprise or the home.

Samuel is happily married to Lynda and blessed with children. Lynda is also a Pastor and together, they selflessly devote themselves to prayer and sharing the burdens of others.

To contact Pastor Samuel, send a brief confidential email (which goes directly to him) and he will respond to you in a timely fashion. Please remember to include your phone number and the most suitable time(s) to contact you.

God be with you.

“Without an invitation there can be no intervention” 
- Pastor Samuel Jonathan
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