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Healing on Flight TK-1979

On the 14th of February 2018, Pastor Samuel Jonathan was flying from Istanbul to London. The air-hosting personnel made eight repeated frantic announcements on the in-flight PA system for any medical doctor on board to quickly avail themselves. A middle-aged lady was on the verge of death! Even though Samuel is not a doctor and has no medical training, the Holy Spirit prompted him to attend to the medical situation. They were 30,000+ feet in the air. The Holy Spirit instructed him to respond with the words “I am not a Doctor but know of one who can attend to the passenger”. When the airline staff realised he was going to pray, they ignored him! In obedience to the Holy Spirit, while the air hostesses and nearby passengers were trying to resuscitate the dying passenger, Pastor Samuel stretched forth his hand and said a 2-sentence prayer. Surprisingly, the lady immediately recovered and was fully restored! On that flight, there were no human doctors. However, the Great Physician was on board. This experience leads us to another definition of prayer. Prayer is my vehicle for change. Through prayer, change can occur in our personal lives, families, career and even our society.

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