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God Did Everything on the List!

A couple (who we will not name because they are leaders at their church), had participated in our Hourly Prayer Services held daily at Lifestyle Church. Earlier this year, in February, they attended "At the Same Hour" which takes place the first Tuesday of each month. Later that month, they returned for the 12 noon edition of the Hourly Prayer Service, which we call "The Hour of Power" (each hour has a designated theme). During the Prayer Service, Pastor Jonathan gave in-depth explanation on the biblical significance of 12 noon and 12 midnight. Additionally, he shared several triumphant encounters which took place in the Bible at the aforementioned times. With eagerness of faith, this couple instantly went home and itemized all the areas where they needed the timely intervention of God. There were significant monetary obligations and pressing financial needs that were at their doorstep. Hence, their list was very specific. They started meeting with God daily at 12 noon and midnight. To the magnificent Glory of God, every need on the list had been met by God within the month! Under no circumstances will Lifestyle Church take credit for what God has done. This is purely, solely and entirely the doing of the LORD.

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