From the consequences of Brexit to the likelihood of World War III and from the consequences of global warming to where and when the next major terror attack will take place, today's citizen lives with a significant magnitude of uncertainty! However, one thing is certain
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Give thanks to the LORD for He is good and His love endures forever. Had the LORD not been on our side, what would have been the lot of our country? Therefore, praise awaits You, O God, in the United Kingdom! From the Giant Causeway to the lofty heights of Ben Nevis and from the flow of Lake Windermere to the flow of River Thames, Your handywork manifests beyond measure! The display of splendour reflects and represents Your infinite wisdom and kindness.
Authored by Pastor Samuel Jonathan 10:58am June 15, 2017
in Ayobo, Lagos, Nigeria while interceeding for the United Kingdom

Developing the person, not the position!

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