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Arise. Shine.
Step Forward.

The whole of creation eagerly waits for the sons and daughters of God to arise! Rom. 8:19



In the words of Pastor Samuel Jonathan, "When Christians do not participate, the ungodly will dominate". Samuel Jonathan Ministries has an apostolic modus operandi with primary focus on worship, prayer and skills development; essentially preparing Christians for the fulfilment of Rom. 8:19.

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Join Our Enriching Development Programmes

"Whatever you do not develop cannot grow" - Samuel Jonathan

Books, Music & Radio

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Books that impact your walk with God for a lifetime

Pastor Jonathan has written a series of powerful short-read books!

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Prayerful Worship

From "Shekinah Glory" to "Lord, You Are Able", each song written and performed by Samuel was birthed in the Chamber of Prayer.


“In accordance with the declaration the LORD instructed us to pronounce upon the hospital, no deaths occurred at that hospital”

“Just like many women, Mrs Uzo already had a child and was trusting God for another one. However, there seemed to be quite a lot of 'waiting'.”

“Immediately after the Prayer Service, with eagerness of faith, this couple instantly went home and itemized all the areas where they needed the timely intervention of God. There were significant monetary obligations and pressing financial needs that were at their doorstep. Hence, their list was very specific. ”

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Catch Pastor Samuel Jonathan on Radio

Lifestyle Church Radio is dedicated to worship, righteousness and prayer. Pastor Jonathan comes on daily!

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