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The Prayer Clinic

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In Luke 11 verse 1, one of the Disciples made an eager plea (on behalf of his colleagues) for Jesus to teach them how to pray. After a long period of observing Jesus, the Disciples realised that prayer was an integral component of Jesus' life. They also realised that you cannot give what you do not have! Hence, their request to be taught how to pray.

The Prayer Clinic has an enriched biblical and practical curriculum intended to offer hands-on group coaching on how to pray and experience the efficacy of prayer. Each session is interactive, engaging and allows the opportunity to ask questions. Unlike many prayer-themed gatherings, this is not a forum for mere discussion. This is a dynamic and empowering forum. Therefore, as we study the Bible on prayer, we share proven helpful tips and fully engage in the practical dimension of prayer. As 1 Cor. 4:20 emphasises, the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. When you attend our Prayer Clinic, your appetite for prayer is ignited and your longing for God is replenished.

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Attend Prayer Clinic?

You can receive notice of the next Prayer Clinic

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Host Prayer Clinic?

To invite us to conduct a Prayer Clinic at your church

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