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Saturday, Sept 2 Birmingham
Learning how to grow and develop your walk with God

Bible Over Coffee started in Accra, Ghana in 2012 by our Pastor, Samuel Jonathan. He was amazed that many people who go to church and listen to great sermons, were struggling with implementing what they received from the pulpit, in their personal and professional lives. Many could not relate the temple with the cubicle or connect the mandate to the marketplace. Even more surprising was the disparity between the charisma displayed at church and the character demonstrated at work! Pastor Samuel Jonathan soon realised that many attend church. However, they do not have an opportunity to ask questions about what they hear from the pulpit. Therefore, they go home excited but unfulfilled; excitement without empowerment. Additionally, there are some questions people dare not ask in church for fear of being criticised or ostracized! Thus, the primary aim of Bible Over Coffee is to create a "Question-Safe" forum in which people can ask questions about the Christian faith and learn how to experience the fulness of God in their personal and professional lives.


By the Grace of God, the next edition of Bible Over Coffee takes place in Birmingham, England on Saturday, Sept 2 at Pret-A-Manger, 22 - 24 Colmore Row, B3 2QD. Time: 10.00am. Admission is FREE and each attendee is required to purchase any beverage (hot or cold) of their choice. It is important you arrive early We start right on time and each moment is a monument of empowerment! Please bring a friend along and remember to bring your Bible. To help us with preparations, we will be so grateful if you can let us know you'll be attending. To RSVP or request more details, kindly email or call us on 07544 273 333. We sincerely appreciate you.


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